Dual Credit Classes

(Spring 2021-2022)

New Dual Credit Classes Available for High School

Harvest Prep Academy partnered up with Arizona Western Colledge to offer Dual Enrollment credit for academic and occupational classes. Dual Enrollment courses are held at HPA and are taught by high school instructors who have met the Higher Learning Commission and community college hiring qualifications. The Dual Enrollment Program was established at Arizona Western College to ease the transition from high school to college and to increase the number of college-bound high school students in our communities.

Dual Enrollment is a cost-effective way for high school students to get a head start on college. It allows high school students to enroll in college courses offered at their high school as well as save money and time. Dual enrollment courses vary each semester depending on the instructor’s class schedule.

Dual Credit Class Descriptions:

Dual Credit Spring Semester 2022

BUA-290 – Business Communications

PSY-270 – Social Psychology

MGT-135 – Management Fundamentals

ECN-100 – Intro to Economics

BUA-290 – Business Communications

Development of the skills and abilities to handle written business communications effectively and to develop a distinctive style of business writing. The simple but tactful expression of ideas; the preparation of business letters, memorandums, reports, minutes of meetings, and news releases.

PSY-270 – Social Psychology

Explores the combined areas of psychology and sociology, with emphasis on the reciprocal interaction of individuals and their groups. Areas covered include methods of social research, basic psychological factors, social attitudes, communication, society and culture, and small groups.

MGT-135 – Management Fundamentals

Business philosophy and management theory including planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling.

ECN-100 – Intro to Economics

investigates the very basic concepts and principles of economics and how they operate within the American economic system. Highlights both macro and microeconomics in very simplified terms, intended for those who will only take one course in economics.

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