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The Harvest Difference


● Harvest Prep Academy is a FREE Public Charter School
● Offers FREE meals for all students
● Enrolling Kindergarten – 8th Grade
● Offers Dance Program
● Offers AVID College Prep Program to students
● FREE transportation available
● FREE All day Kinder
● We are an A letter grade school
● Serving Arizona for over 16 years
● Offers Middle School Sports
Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Soccer, Boys Basketball,
Girls Basketball, Girls Softball, Flag Football

We are happy to serve our communities as a unique public-charter school. We’ve been helping students achieve goals at their highest potential for 15 years!

Count on sending your children to a safe place to learn and grow.

Harvest has a place for your little one or young teenager. Enjoy the ease of having the same school calendar for all of your children in kindergarten through eighth grades.

With competitive sports programs, interesting extracurricular activities, and challenging coursework, Harvest is the place for your Yuma area high school student.

A bright future begins with excellence at Harvest’s early childhood programs.

Every student deserves an excellent education. With smaller teacher-to-student ratios, we have time for your child.

Begin with the end goal in mind. We equip your student for college in every way possible.


● Harvest Prep Academy is a FREE Public School from K-12
● Provides FREE meals for all students
● Offers AVID College Prep Program to students.
● 100% Graduation rate / 90% of our students go to college
● Provides FREE transportation
● Students attend college tours to explore future options at
AWC, Grand Canyon University, ASU, and UA
● FREE All day Kinder
● Offers Music program for Middle & High school students
● We are the only High School in Yuma with a letter B grade
● Graduates applied and were awarded over $1million
in scholarships in 2018
● Serving Arizona for over 16 years
● Offers Middle & High School Sports (Football, Soccer,
Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, etc.)
● Provides a SAFE & SECURE environment for our students.
We have professional security staff on campus during
school hours and event.

Harvest provides a well-rounded education to our students. We believe that immersing students in arts and culture helps them discover and achieve their dreams!

Expect quality, comprehensive education that is backed by research.

We have competitive programs that shape the whole athlete into competent young adults.

We believe that students learn better when they are in uniform. Spend less time and money on clothes for school and let the focus be on learning!

We practice consistent and effective behavior management strategies to keep our students focused on learning.

We believe that every child can succeed, and that Harvest can help each student be accomplished. No pre-enrollment tests required! Click for more enrollment information.

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If you are a graduate, please visit our Facebook page. We want to hear how you are transitioning. We know that the transition is tough and we want your feedback on how we can help students better prepare for the future. Your success is our passion at every stage of life.

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