Christmas Around the World

December 3rd-23rd

Admission: 3 can good items


Why this matters to us?

Every year at Harvest, we already put on Christmas Extravaganza in early December.  Making the safety of all who attended a priority and thinking out of the box, this year we had to raise the bar to be able to give back to our city.  (following all covid restrictions and guidelines of course) This year, reminding not just the families who we serve and students who attend our school, but our Major, our city council, our Law enforcement, our judicial system, our medical teams,  first responders and educators, that even with a roadblock like the covid,  we still need to celebrate our bravery and strength keeping the holiday spirit alive.  

Words cannot express the gratitude we have for all of you who drove through our holiday display and gave back.  Along with the Christmas extravaganza we have Operation eggnog.  This project is to collect enough food in NOVEMBER  to make food boxes for those families with us who are in need.  We extended it through December to continue collecting for the chosen families.  Because of you who drove through and gave food and/or monetary donations,  we were able to feed many more families than expected during this Holiday season.   

Thanks for doing what you did, you are kind beyond belief 



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