Admission Requirements


Enrolling a student at Harvest Preparatory Academy is easy!  Please Contact the following offices for enrollment information:

Harvest Preparatory Academy Yuma Registrar – 928-782-2052, press 0 and ask for the registrar


Harvest Preparatory Academy San Luis Registrar – 928-627-5008, press 0 and ask for the registrar

  • Please contact our school office for an enrollment packet, which includes but is not limited to Arizona Residency Documentation, per ARS §15-802(B) and Basic information, such as name, date of birth, on our current enrollment form, in accordance with ARS §15-184 (A).

  • Prior to attendance, proof of immunization, or evidence of statutory exemption, per ARS §15-872 and ARS § 15-873 must be received.

  • Within 30 days of enrollment, proof of identity and age per ARS §15-828 (A) must be provided.  A document with the requested information will be provided in writing to the parent or guardian.

If documentation is not provided, a letter will be sent to notify the parent, guardian, or surrogate that unless the documentation is provided within ten (10) days, the local law enforcement agency will be notified.

Nothing contained in this policy shall authorize HPA to disclose to any person a student’s educational record without prior parental consent unless HPA makes a determination that disclosure of such records is necessary to protect the health and safety of the student.

Arizona law allows returning students and siblings of attending students to be given enrollment preference. Should classrooms reach capacity during the open enrollment period, a lottery process will be implemented to ascertain the order of admissions and waiting lists.

New Students and Transferees

Upon enrollment, new students will normally be placed in the grade level indicated on the report card. However, HPA reserves the right to place incoming students in higher or lower grades based on evaluations, which may include test scores and/or performance in the classroom. Pre-registration proficiency testing may be administered at a pre-arranged time. A committee made up of the school principal, future teacher, present teacher, SPED coordinator, and Curriculum Coordinator will decide on the student’s placement.


Academic credit for placement in the common school subjects and grades shall be based upon teacher recommendations and previous grade level assignments subject to the determination that the student can meet the standards adopted by the State Board of Education for the grade level assignment.


HPA has the authority to limit admissions based on age group or grade level availability, but HPA will not limit admission based on ethnicity, national origin, gender, income level, disabling condition, proficiency in English, or athletic ability.


Kindergarten and First Grade

  • A child must reach the age of five (5) prior to September  1st to be eligible for kindergarten unless child attends preschool. Kindergarten deadline would extend until December 31st.

  • A child must reach the age of six (6) prior to September  1st to be eligible for first grade.