Student Council

It is the mission of Harvest Preparatory Academy to guide each student into a high level of academic achievement and success through the development of their personal integrity to their family, community, school and self; and to attain this success through an academically rich rigorous educational program.

Deana Salter BS, MPA

Welcome to Harvest Preparatory Academy.  I am Deana Salter, I’ve been at Harvest now since 2018.  I am one of the Dual Credit College Instructors and Liasion between HPA and AWC.  CTE Teacher certified in Mental and Social Services, Business, and Marketing. I am the  Student Council Advisor for both Campuses. And this year I took on a new role as the Student Guidance and Behavior Coach.  I am working on my Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership with a tentative graduation date of December 2021. Worked in the Behavioral Health System in Yuma for 13+ years and loved what I was doing.  However, when I found myself in the classroom I fell in love with it. I will not do anything different moving forward.  The education arena is where I feel I belong.  This year taking on the Behavior Coach position has given me the opportunity to utilize the behavioralist skills I gained over the years working in BH. I am able to teach what I did through CTE and now I utilize those skills to support and guide students.  Couldn’t ask for anything more!

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