Resources for Parents

For Prospective Parents

We have extremely high expectations for each and every student. We strive to provide the absolute best education for each student. We hold our staff to extremely high standards. There is a plan in place to teach every standard adequately for every grade level according to Arizona State Law. Our goal is success for every student. Find out why you should choose Harvest!

We are so proud to show off the skills of our teachers. We believe that our facilities provide the best opportunity to shape and nurture the education of children. If you would like to schedule a tour with your local Harvest Prep Principal, please click here to contact your local campus.

For Our Current Parents

We hold that safety and well-being of all of our students is necessary for their best outcome. In order to help them reach the highest level we have set forth a plan that will help them soar to new heights. Elementary: Click to View or Download Elementary School Handbook. Middle and High School: Click to View or Download Grades 6-12 Handbook.

We love to hear the feedback from our parents. We are also extremely busy caring for the education of hundreds of students. The best way to help us best hear your ideas is to schedule a meeting. We’re listening, responding, and caring for your family. Get in touch with us!

Find educational resources that will help your child learn the skills needed to achieve in the classroom and beyond! This includes games, articles, and other awesome resources to help parents. Check out these great resources!

The Two Things Parents Must Start Doing to Make an Authentic, Lasting, Positive Transformation with Their Kids!

The MOST IMPORTANT PARENTING STRATEGY YOU MUST USE to authentically motivate your children to engage in their role — learning what you choose to teach!

How to prevent melt-downs and power-struggles with your kids at home — and in public — by cultivating your plan in advance. Watch the video by clicking here.

Did you know that Arizona offers a tax credit for parents that donate to a charter school? According to Arizona Tax Laws, you could be earning a break by giving to your child’s school. We have set up a convenient monthly program to help parents easily give donations online and earn credit doing it. Here is Arizona State’s information on tax credits.