What is INSPIRE?

INSPIRE is a behavioral management program at Harvest Preparatory Academy where students are taught the virtues of honor and respect through martial arts. Students attend a martial arts session under the tutelage of Sensei Francisco “Taco” Aguilar and learn karate while adhering to the tenets of the program.


The Five Tenets of INSPIRE Martial Arts


Self Control – Always remain patient and develop the ability to control your anger.


Perseverance – Use determination and persistence to always finish what you have started. Understand your limits and learn to conquer those limitations within the best of your ability.


Integrity – Integrity means honesty and truthfulness. You must be honest with others and yourself, show true honesty from your heart, maintain a clear conscience and know what is right from wrong.


Responsibility – To be responsible means to be accountable. You must always take responsibility for your actions.


Excellence – In everything you do, strive to do it the best you can; strive for excellence

For more information, visit the INSPIRE Institute’s website