Harvest Prep. Food Guidelines

Harvest Prep. Food Guidelines

HPA is approved for Provision 2 and will provide breakfast and lunch FREE of charge to all students. This provision requests all participating students in this program complete the NSLP Applications to ensure continued program funding.

All students will be provided a FREE hot breakfast and lunch by the HPA Child Nutrition Services Department

All Meals served by the HPA Child Nutrition Services are designed to be healthy, follow the USDA Meal Pattern and are computer-analyzed to ensure nutritional value. Information on the school lunch program, as well as NSLP applications, is available online and at the school all year-round in the Elementary and High School Reception as well as Child Nutrition Services. Any queries and additional information can be obtained from the District Child Nutrition Director by mail at [email protected].

Students may bring their own meals from home, however, “Specifically Prohibited” items brought to school by students will be confiscated immediately.

Specifically Prohibited Foods and Beverages

  • All candy and any food where sugar is the primary ingredient
  • All chips & foods covered in red “Flamin’ Hot” powder (Hot Cheetos, Hot Fritos, etc)
  • All caffeine and energy drinks, including coffee and soda
  • All carbonated beverages, including carbonated waters
  • All “fast food” (foods prepared by another restaurant or commercial kitchen)


Any food sold by classes, students and/or teachers for a fundraiser, or that is given to students for any other reason must meet the Arizona Nutrition Standards listed above.  Food must be approved by the School Administration before being sold or given to students.

Lunch Account System

HPA uses Meal Plus biometric fingerprint scanning system to track each child’s individual account. This system offers complete privacy and does not in any way store a copy of the student’s fingerprint. Within the first 2 weeks of school, the index finger is scanned. A student’s unique print is generated into a mathematical template that creates only identifying points-not the whole print. This indefinable string is what is stored in the program and is what will be called upon to identify a student. This unique template system cannot be accessed for the replication by other security systems.

*Students who eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch perform better in school. They are more alert and less likely to react negatively to difficulties and challenges. They are more likely to be positively involved in after school activities such as clubs and sports, which are also linked to higher academic performance. They are less likely to spend after school time in front of the television and more likely to do their homework. Adolescent brains and bodies are still growing and developing during the high school years. Nutrition plays a big part in their potential success. We encourage you to talk to your children about the benefits of eating a healthy lunch every day*

School Nutrition Regulations

All foods available to the students during the school day shall meet the Arizona Nutrition Standards (ANS).  The ANS have been developed by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE), based on health guidelines developed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  In accordance with the National School Lunch Act and the Child Nutrition Act, schools are required by law to follow these guidelines in all aspects of the operation, including but not limited to food services, classroom education, student events and all other activities that involve students during the normal school hours.

At a minimum, all competitive food or beverages sold or served on the school grounds of elementary schools, middle schools, and junior high schools during the school day must meet the nutritional standards and exemptions to the nutrition standards.


Harvest Preparatory Academy recognizes and appreciates our role in contributing to the general health and well-being of every student who attends our school.  HPA strives to ensure all students have access to the most nutritious meals possible while attaining proper education as to the importance of good health and physical activity in the development, both mentally and physically, of every young person.  Healthy eating and physical activity are demonstrably linked to reduced risk for mortality and the development of many chronic diseases as adults, and the Academy recognizes that the importance of teaching these habits is just as vital as any other knowledge that can be attained within our classrooms.

To ensure the health and well-being for all students, Harvest Preparatory Academy, and its entire staff shall promote and monitor student wellness according to this policy.

Outside Food Regulations

Harvest Preparatory Academy strives to provide the healthiest environment possible for our students and encourages our parents to assist in the process by sending their child to school with healthy, nutritious snacks in lunches brought from home.

Students may not have candy, gum or caffeinated drinks on campus (including soda and coffee).  Chips will be allowed from home, but only in small portions within a packed lunch and baked chips will be encouraged over fried (Hot Cheetos, and other chips coated in red “Flamin’ Hot” coating, are NOT allowed).  Food brought from home that is not allowed on campus will be immediately confiscated.

Meals will no longer be allowed to be delivered to a child at lunch HPA has found that this practice was being misused and was raising the likelihood of children eating deep-fat fried fast food during school lunch periods, and has been thus deemed a competitive Food of Minimal Nutritional Value in competition with the school lunch program.  As per Arizona Department of Education policy, competitive foods with minimal nutritional value are not allowed on campus, and as such parents may no longer bring their student food during normal school hours without pre-approved medical reasoning.

Food is not to be used as a reward or encouragement for students under any circumstances.  Approved classroom parties and special events held outside of the normal school day should exist only in celebration of an event (such as birthdays or graduations), and should never be used as an incentive or reward for good classroom behavior.   Classroom parties (ice cream or pizza) may only be held with the direct approval of the School Administration and may be held no more than once per month.