AzMERIT Sample Tests for grades 3-11

Tests to be administered are Writing, Reading, and Math.


Directions to Sample Tests:

1. Click on the left box that says “Take the Sample Test”

2. Leave Guess user as ON and just click SIGN IN.

3. Select your Grade level.

4. Follow the steps.

5. Next Select the test you want to practice: ELA Writing, ELA Reading, or Math and you can begin.

6. Please Review the TOOLS with your children:

  1. Use arrows on the top left to go back and forth to each question
  2. Dictionary (Writing Test)
  3. Notes
  4. Line Reader
  5. Zoom in and out
  6. Highlight Selection
  7. Tutorial
  8. Mark for Review
  9. Speak Questions
  10. Speak Selection (Writing Passages are read aloud).
  11. Writing Guide (Rubric)